Volume Marketing of Cars

All of us get bombarded by volume marketing gimmick at the grocery store with a sale of some quantity of items for some amount. In most cases, you pay the same individual unit price regardless of how many you buy.

For example, if something is four for a dollar, you can buy one for 25 cents and do not need to buy four of them to get that individual unit price of 25 cents.  Of course, most people end up buying four and pay the full amount and fall prey to the gimmick.

I wondered if same volume marketing gimmick would work for selling cars.

Segregated Traffic Lanes

I have a long commute and see all kinds of driving habits.  I get some strange ideas during those drives.

We will make this fully customizable digital signs. Only the top most annoying drivers will be segregated. I, of course, get to choose the top annoyers.

I originally thought of adding a “normal driving lane”, but decided not to because, in Houston, I have yet to run into any normal drivers. I normally end-up day dreaming when I drive. Hopefully, I don’t run in to one of those “totally lost” folks.

Sometimes though, I end-up on the fast/slow lane. That is a very interesting experience trying to pass those slow folks by getting on the lunatic/manic lane.

Of course, for you the reader, I will gladly add a normal driving lane – because I know you probably are a good driver.