Pipe Dream

While most of Texas is in a historical drought, Mississippi river has seen historical flooding. Can you please send some of that water to us?

If you are wondering, why so much pipes? Hey, this is a pipe dream. What did you expect?

How hot is it?

Seeing lot of distressed and dead trees in our neighborhood. That should keep the company that enforces our subdivision’s deed restrictions busy- sending all those nasty notices to home owners to cut down those trees.

It’s Natural

Using our natural resources have made us what we are today and what we will be tomorrow. Yes, the earth is warming and we are contributing to it. However, in grand scheme of things, I don’t see anything unnatural about it. We just sped up the natural process what nature would have done it anyway.

Google Plus

Google is taking another shot at Facebook. There are social dynamics involved here, not just feature comparison between Google Plus and Facebook.

Even though there are some unhappy facebookers, Google has an uphill battle to entice those folks to move. It is difficult to move from an established neighborhood to another neighborhood where you have no friends or family.