What, Me Worry?

On our last several group bicycle rides, we have had dog encounters. My friend took a nasty looking fall several weeks ago when couple of dogs chased us. It happened at half way point of our 40 mile route and we were a long way from our cars. Fortunately, we didn’t have to call 911. He was able to get up and finish our ride.

Once again on our past weekend’s ride, couple of mean looking dogs started to chase us. My friend, now having phobia about dogs, with panic on his eyes, started to yell and scream very loud. They stopped with an incredible fear in their eyes!

Oh by the way, they do have leash laws. But, we ride in country roads and not urban roads. These rural counties have other priorities than chasing after loose dogs. Also, some of these country folks in Texas are not bicycle friendly.

Sharing an interesting response for this post from a fellow cyclist:

“When I lived there and rode out in Hockley, Waller, and Hempstead, I didn’t measure my rides in miles. I measured them in dogs. A ‘7 dog ride’ was a bad ride, a ‘1 dog ride’ was a really good ride…. On the 7 dog ride, (only once), I swore the dogs called ahead to each other to warn the others I was coming….”

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